Your clients are working from home.

Many haven’t been to a professional salon or barbershop for months.

Their hair is looking, shall we say, barbaric.

They need a real cut. They need you.

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We streamline the home haircut experience for clients and stylists.

We do things differently here. We make sure you:

Get a 70% commission per haircut. Earn weekly income higher than industry average. Keep 100% of your tips. Same day pay. No chair rentals.
Work as much or as little as you want. Night owl? We got you. Early bird? You got it. Just looking for a weekend gig? No sweat. And you can adjust your availability any time.
Get a bonus check from us for every 50 cuts you complete – whether that’s once a week or once a year. Our way of saying, you’re kind of a big deal.
Stay protected during the pandemic. Until further notice, haircuts happen outside, with masks, and following current local & CDC guidelines. Because our team’s health nerds say so.

Let's put it this way: if their name isn't Genghis or Conan, they need a cut.

People are saying…

Gave myself a pretty terrible haircut. No one to blame but me.
Genuinely thought I could do it. I have more respect for the hair-stylist/barber industry. Thank you for your hard work.

Jake Johnson

Does anyone know of anyone doing hair cuts in backyards? I'm pretty desperate for a trim and have heard of people coming to homes/yards to do it, but don't have a specific name.

FB commenter