You need a haircut. You need a barber or stylist who fits your schedule. You need Barbare.

Haircuts where you are: home, office, hotel, gym — schedule here or via the Barbare iOS app.

Look great for the big Zoom meeting, a night out with friends in the real world, or for a day back in the office.

Fast, convenient, easy!

Get a haircut

How does it work?

We aim to keep it simple:

1. Schedule a haircut by clicking here (opens in a new window). Or download our iOS app.

2. Set up profiles for yourself and your family members.

3. Your stylist will take it from there.

4. Return to your own wild ways, feeling cleaner and a little saner.

That’s it! If you can order a rideshare, you can book a cut with Barbare.

Get a haircut

What about the pandemic?

Because we take your health seriously in the age of Covid-19, our team of health nerds has created policies in keeping with CDC and local guidelines. For starters, all cuts will take place outside and masked. Check out how else we’re keeping everyone safe and healthy here.

Got any questions for us?

We’re all ears. Drop us a line here and we’ll get back to you shortly.